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Today, doctors and patients are using the eCuris platform to engage and collaborate on health in an easy and rewarding way. Together with the eCuris Foundation, we integrate a new rewards economy to our proven digital patient engagement, social networking and communities on a single, user friendly platform. Keep reading to learn more about rewards and the eCuris Platform.


eCuris Foundation is here to improve health by leveraging the power of the many to teach, encourage, and reward healthy actions. Through the creation of a virtual ecosystem and economy we believe that dramatic improvements in the health space can be made with flow on effects on productivity, health spend, quality of life and life expectancy.


eCuris Foundation and the eCuris platform are here to challenge the traditional cure-based healthcare model. With the strong belief that prevention is much better than the cure, we give the power to the community by hosting a health economy that promotes and incentivizes a healthier lifestyle.

Healthcare Today

Studies have shown that 40% percentage of premature deaths in the US are due to modifiable behaviour. This alarming statistic suggests that if the current healthcare system focused more energy on changing unhealthy behaviours and the prevention of illness, rather than a cure-based system, overall health would likely improve. Today’s system fails to appreciate the importance and benefits of communal support, shared, decentralised knowledge and the power of incentivisation on results. Given the differing state by state and hospital to hospital practices, there is no cohesive ecosystem that ties all stake-holders together to provide a quid pro quo community that rewards healthy behaviour.


  • Although they control many of the influencing factors and decisions they are only effectual when patients are within their office or hospital.
  • There is little to no capacity to efficiently interact with patients outside office and hospital settings.


  • Private individuals have limited knowledge and few credible sources of education,
  • There are little to no sources for encouragement/rewards to incentivise action where physical health results are slow,
  • There is little to no ongoing engagement from their physician and health system.

Families and Care Support

  • Community support systems are limited to the information the patient remembers or thinks important to passes on.


  • Health insurers and employers have the financial incentives to encourage healthy behaviour but are restricted in their connectivity to patients to effect outcomes.
  • Financial incentives rarely flow to the those who have the greatest control over outcomes, the patient themselves.

The system requires a platform that takes healthcare beyond the four walls of a doctor’s office, by providing 24/7 access to content and communication for improved, rewarded outcomes with the security necessary for the health space.

The eCuris Platform

Find out more at: http://www.optimacuris.com

Stay connected with patients, members and communities, while offering a broader service offering. Improve member satisfaction, service quality, and financial outcomes.

Health Communities

Easily create and moderate communities that promote health, wellness, your brand or health services.

Improve Health Outcomes

Connect and engage with your patients using health programs that monitor symptoms and vitals providing you with insight to better manage your patients health outcomes.

Improve Your Financial Performance

Easily create assessments and surveys to better understand your patient's satisfaction and the quality of your services. Valuable feedback to improve your services and financial incentives.

Improve clinical and financial outcomes. Effective patient engagement that doesn't result in excess work for providers.

Secure Communication

Have Secure communication with patients, caregivers and the family circle.

Monitor the Patient Remotely

Create easy to setup, maintain and manage health programs with patients and caregivers that monitor symptoms and vitals and also efficiently collect surveys, assessments and patient satisfaction.

Improve Outcomes

Improve patient interest and adherence to their care plans, patient statisfaction and financial outcomes.

Increase access and engagement with the health system and providers, any time, anywhere. Socially connect with friends, patients, and communities as often as you like on all things health and wellness related.


Communicate directly and securely with your doctor, care providers and family circle.

Improve Your Health

By using our health programs and surveys it makes it easier for your doctors to stay engaged and informed about your health status, see warning signs and better manage your health care.

Peace of Mind

You can invite your loved ones to participate and be engaged in your health enabling them to provide you better support and have peace of mind.

Be more informed, more engaged in your loved one’s health from anywhere, without the need for excess efforts.



Engage in shared communication with your loved one, family circle and their care providers on health matters simply and securely even if they live far away.


Be Informed

Accept and gain direct access to provider’s care plans, and measure so you always know how a loved one is doing.


Peace of Mind

Finally, a way to become informed, more engaged and have peace of mind that you better understand and can support your loved ones with their health regardless of where they live.

Join a health and wellness community, be more informed about your health, build your social network, and connect directly with others on all things related to health and wellness.


Social Network for Health

Connect and engage with people that have similar health issues or concerns as you. Patients, caregivers and health professionals connect and communicate safely.



Participants can share their experience of conditions, symptoms and treatment and provide you with great insight that previously has been difficult to obtain.


Secure & Confidential

Optima Curis communities are very secure and confidential. You decide which information to share.

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